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Hawaii Proud
Aloha and Welcome to our Farm

Nestled between the rolling green hills of Waimea and the slopes of Mauna Kea, Hawaii Farming grows the freshest, safest, and most delicious vegetables in Hawaii.

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3rd Generation Farmers

The owners of Hawaii Farming are third generation farmers, who have been farming in Hawaii for two

decades. Eric Batha started farming with his father in 2012 and introduced Keiki cukes to Hawaii.

Eric is on Mayor Mitch Roth’s Agriculture Advisory Board. John Seward is Japanese American

and grew up on his grandparents’ farms in Japan and Texas.


Making a difference in Hawaii

Our efforts go well beyond our farm. We lead by example in giving and helping to feed 600 families a week.



Making a difference in Hawaii

We recognize the hard work and passion our team puts into growing healthy and delicious vegetable for you. Wages begin 40 percent higher than the minimum wage. We are also a proud supporter of the AARP Employer Pledge

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The Future of Farming in Hawaii 

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Hawaii Farming is the future of farming

We grow in state of the art greenhouses for controlled environment farming achieving best-in-class integrated pest management and food safety standards.

We are dedicated to sustainable farming. We are committed to quality. We grow hydroponically to reduce our impact on the environment

We invest in robotics and automation to improve production yields and enable faster delivery of the freshest produce to all our customers across Hawaii.


We’ve combined investments in cutting edge technology with deeply rooted farming experience that allows us to grow more with less, conserve natural resources, and create high-skilled ag tech jobs in our local community.  We’re proud to have made significant contributions to Hawaii’s goal of food self-sufficiency with established local large-scale production of food safety certified fresh produce.

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